Multi-Tray Dropper

For Single and Multi Line Applications

Foam Meat Trays

Cookie Trays

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Speed and Flexibility

Traypack Machine tray droppers provide hygienic denesters to meet the special needs of the Meat, Poultry and Ready-Meal Food industries (for Cryovacâ„¢ or foam trays with or without pads), fully wash-down, easily adjustable with high speeds up to 120 trays per minute for various tray sizes and shapes.

Multiple Destacking Operation


Tray Dropper Denesting Snack Trays

Food Tray Types

  • Foam styrene, and polypropylene trays
  • Versatile and adjustable to many tray sizes and materials.
  • Used for dual ovenable and microwavable food trays

Denester for Top Sealing Machine

Denester for Fresh Fruit & Produce

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You are welcome to request our technical assessment of your plant needs and tray performance tests. Traypack machines are designed and manufactured in Canada, from durable stainless steel, with pneumatic or electric controls. Built to industry sanitation standards and C.S.A electric approved.