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Traypack Denesting Solutions For Automatic Tray Packaging

Clamshell Denester

Traypack Machine (2015) introduces its new denester solution for clamshell trays. Shown here running at medium speed, for packaging food products.

All stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and sanitizing. The unit is all mechanical, reliable, safe to use.

Typical applications include packaging bakery, produce, and consumer products.

Traypack Machine Operating in Bakery

Traypack Machine working with Robotics

Optional engineering features include:

  • Side or top tray feed
  • Application to flighted conveyors or automatic filling machines.
  • Electric or pneumatic

Automatically destacks and deposits trays, one or two at a time, onto filling line with twin head machine.

Saves labour, gives constant flow of trays to the packing operation, and sets speed of packaging.

Tray Types

Our tray denesters can handle plastic trays and clamshells for bakery, biscuits, confectionary, frozen food, and hardware industries.

Automated tray placing offers versatility and is adjustable to many tray sizes and materials, as well as coupons and inserts.

You are welcome to request our technical assessment of your plant needs and tray performance tests. Traypack machines are designed and manufactured in Canada, from durable stainless steel, with pneumatic or electric controls. Built to industry sanitation standards and C.S.A electric approved